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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog Crush - Gary Pepper

I definitely have my list of favorite daily blog reads. While some days I feel positively overwhelmed to keep up with all of them other days I am done with checking in on ten or so in a hot second. So when I stumble upon a blog that is crock full of goodness I instantly become addicted, completely not able to get enough of everything they are sharing. This is exactly how I felt when I saw the incredible styles on Gary Pepper by Nicole Warne. Not only does this beauty model a plethora of incredible fashions, she also has an adorable online boutique appropriately named Gary Pepper Vintage. I nearly died and went to luxury good heaven when I saw her coverage on The Louis Vuitton Art of Travel show quipped with vintage train cars and models in tow showing all the haute styles of the luxury brand. This blogger has created not only a business for herself with her e-commerce site, she has also been invited and crazy photographed at all the fashionable events like NYFW. I adore her lady like demure style and ability to have a timeless elegance. Just look at some of my favorite images of hers below.


  1. i love her/her blog as well! i don't read many blogs that are only outfit posts, but i love her gorgeous outfits and that she seems so happy/appreciative all of the time! i didn't realize she had a shop, can't wait to check that out!

    1. I totally agree Rita - her style is so elegant & classy. I love everything she wears. Some outfit posts are so mix matched {in my personal opinion} that I would hardly call it stylish.


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