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Monday, August 27, 2012

Boutique Crush - Fishs Eddy

I came across Fishs Eddy after I spotted a unique glass on the fabulous bar cart of Mrs. Lilien during one of her Instagram photos. I was then on a mission to find where she purchased the cheeky {pun intended} glasses. I first tried inquiring with the Mrs. herself to see where she purchased and unfortunately never heard back, my search for butt-less chap glassware began. I was thrilled it didn't take long to locate the whimsical little number as I am a highly impatient person.  I just wish I had discovered them in time to share with last weeks B is for Bar post and all the necessary stylish accessories for your bar cart! When I browsed the site I quickly took note of all my favorites to one day have in a house of our own and then became even more fond of this shop when I read their history. Take a look below at the quirky set and don't worry fellas, there is a nice little pin up lady for you too!

The glasses a little too risk-ay for your taste? Break out these less committal coasters when your feeling a little more devilish!

Every flipping dessert bar I see lately features some sort of sugary goodness displayed beautifully on a cake stand. I adore the soft colors available along with different heights to really give a layered look on any stylish dessert table. I am additionally completely smitten with the toile versions below for a table centerpiece at the holidays to feature your favorite pies or even floral decor on. 

While I am not a huge beer drinker, I do love serving it in appropriate glassware when we do have have company that enjoy it. When I do go out and order beer I always love ordering from tap. Something about drinking from a bottle always feels funny to me. 

I adore pretty dish and tea towels. I just love having something hanging off the stove railing or folded neatly on the counter top on display. The incredible selection at Fishs Eddy definitely has something for everyone. 

{a little something for everyone}

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