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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real Estate Crush - Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan

When I first met Jonathan & Simon it was a casual encounter as they were taking an evening walk past my parents Shelter Island home. They were so nice and normal but I of course was nervous and excited. Knowing who they were, I was thrilled to be meeting them in person. They lived next to my parents in a very cool "A Frame" bungalow for a few years and were the nicest of neighbors. They never minded when our beloved Springer Spaniel Homer would go for a walk on his own and eventually venture onto their lawn followed with barking his brains off at their adorable terrier Liberace nor did they ever complain when my dad's "au natural" landscaping ideals didn't match their chic beach getaway. Let's face it, most neighbors aren't easy and when you have a celebrity neighbor you would imagine that it's a double whammy for headaches. Not the case with these two. They are wonderful people, down to earth and from what I can tell in their writing style, they are hilarious.  I am so in love with their new home on the enchanted Island my family calls home. When I was home and heard AD was featuring this fab couples new home I couldn't wait to share it with all of you!

two al fresco dining areas - not too shabby

most amazing pool ever

oh hi most gorgeous view ever

retro, modern, chic & homey - how do they do it?

morning tea or a Bellini would be absolute heaven here 

Get more eye candy goodness & the full article in July's Architectural Digest!

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