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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Recently engaged and looking for some inspiration for your engagement photos??? Engagement photo shoots are such a fun way to give your guests an idea of the festivities to follow with your actual wedding day. Many couples choose their engagement photos to represent their personal style, hobbies or interests and allow the couple to practice being in front of the camera before the big day in a casual no stress environment. Wedding and engagement photos have come a long way since the standard portraits that resemble the glamour shots in a studio with a backdrop and are usually over posed and super corny. It's more about being yourself and being captured as you would be without the camera there. Of course you want to look nice as you may use these for a wedding web site or a save the date or at the actual wedding, so I wouldn't be photographed fresh out of bed with no make up (unless your blessed and look great that way). In my opinion it's more about looking like yourself  having fun and doing things that enjoy and having it all photographed in a very beautiful way!

Since John & I were doing a seaside wedding we wanted our engagement photos to be all about our urban life. We take for granted how pretty our city surroundings are so we chose our historic Beacon Hill neighborhood for our engagement photos. Below are two of my favorites photographed by Lisa Rigby

Our favorite street on the hill

These two trees have since been trimmed back & will never be as pretty as they were photographed below

I know it's not often your sitting in a field with your fiance but it sure photographs beautifully

get photographed at home just being yourselves

be adventurous & take photos doing your favorite hobby whether it be white water rafting or sailing

I would seriously be hurled over the edge of the boat with sea sickness but the nautical attire would be worth it for this amazing photograph

create a theme like a vintage seaside shoot 

go to a favorite restaurant & be playful with your partner to be

Visit your favorite amusement park like Coney Island

landmarks make beautiful backdrops

head to the vineyards & have a picnic 
(bonus - wine is involved & a few sips will relax you in front of the camera)

Camping your thing??? Why not set up shop in the woods & get cozy by a campfire!

Happy Planning!


  1. Replies
    1. I know how can you even pick a favorite, I love them all!

  2. so pretty. love seeing yours again :)

    1. anything to relive the wedding process again (even if in a very small way) :)


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