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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Crush - The Style Blogger

I came across the Facebook page of The Style Blogger before I did the web site and I was floored when I did by the abundance of style goodness my eyes were feasting on. I have been on the hunt for male bloggers as I kept getting requests for more features on men fashions. Dan Trepanier who was named "best real dressed men" by Esquire Magazine definitely has hit the nail on the head in my opinion on being an incredibly stylish man without being over the top. I believe that style is harder for men as most guys don't want to be too adventurous in their wardrobe or daring in trying a new trend. It's like picking a name for your future sons, you can't get too creative or fear him being stuffed in a locker because of some stupid punks. I am telling you, there are reasons why the names like Michael, John (my fav obvi) and Christopher are so popular. I used to think that a stylish man in a black turtleneck and a blazer was the bees knees. Now I am more in tune with my husbands go to staples such a nice collared shirt (always blue & white), jeans (always Lucky) or a Lacoste polo (only navy or black) and what we like to call the "unofficial sponsor" of John's company Sperry Gold Cup Loafers. It's always clean looking and is consistently preppy which I am always all for. However if you have the gusto to be more daring and want some inspiration on how to rock some stylish masculine looks - check out a few of my favorite picks below from the Style Blogger & let me know which is your favorite outfit - enjoy!

my fav (resembles the most to my husbands wardrobe)

Want more eye candy of this stylish team - check out their pinterest site here.

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