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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

cover it up - for the boys

I find it pretty comical that my husband who knows everything there possibly is to know about wireless (queue the hubs modesty that I have announced this) yet he doesn't even have a cover for his phone. Not only does he give me grief about how often I drop mine and insisted on a cover for my phone he refuses to put one on his. It may be his intense and constant need to Windex that the cover would just slow down his spritzing frenzy but mostly I think that there just isn't a phone cover out there that isn't anything he would use. I have been on a mad hunt to find a case worthy of him to use and then I discovered EXOvault. This small company in Brooklyn makes each iPhone case and definitely in my mind styling these with a masculine edge. I love the sleek lines and finishes of all these cases. Perhaps one will be under the tree next holiday season. 

now this is definitely not something I would ever see on any guy I know (famous last words) but had to share regardless


  1. OK. i love the phone covers...those are awesome. i doubt that small company makes those for filp phones from the 1990's?

    anyway, the belt buckle? HAHAHAHAHA.

    1. the buckle is a bit over the top but a good conversation starter - no?


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