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Thursday, February 16, 2012

urban vacations

When I hear the word vacation I generally start daydreaming off to warm weather destinations, frozen drinks and sitting by a pool or beach that has bar service. However with our upcoming trip to the city of light it has me thinking why we don't take more urban vacations??? For John & I living in the city is our dream come true but a getaway usually is doing the opposite of what our daily life entails which usually brings us to the beach. I have to say there are so many cities around the world as well in the good old USA that I think would be so amazing to visit and I hope I wont ever fall out of love with the idea of a trip to an urban paradise.  If I am lucky I will be able to find something that has both the warm weather, pools, beaches & city life all in one location. Feast your eyes on a few fab destinations and stylish hotels below.

Barcelona, Spain



West Hollywood, CA

Cape Town, South Africa

(how could I resist with a name like that)

Happy Travels!

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