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Monday, February 13, 2012

the good & the bad at the grammys

Last night I tortured my husband and made him not only watch the Grammys but also the red carpet pre -show how on E!. I like to tell him my excuse is material for the blog which he encourages so he would never change the channel on something that I think is important. I need to make a mental note to do that more often to get my way with the television. Any who - onward to the shows highlights. Obviously the tone of the evening was a bit gloomy due to the very sad death of Whitney Houston. One of musics greatest losses ever. I was a little bummed that Ryan Seacrest had to ask every artist about their feelings over it. I mean, not everyone wants to be sobbing their eyes out while all glammed up on the red carpet. I thought the tribute by Jennifer Hudson was amazing and did justice to a song that truly is only for Whitney to really sing. I love that she didn't try to sound like Whitney but just sang it in a respectful way to show  just how much she will be missed. Going in a complete other direction - WTF is up with the Grammys allowing Chris Brown to perform??? It pains me to even type his name never mind seeing him TWICE on the show was just plain WRONG. How can people be so forgiving of such violence that he gave to another artist just two years prior, then give him a GD Grammy - am I alone here or was that just the most ridiculous thing ever. I had to turn off the TV when he came on for a second time. I can't stand him.

Now to the good stuff - the fashion, I truly don't understand why most artists think the hotter the mess they are the better they look. I get that they are artists and they have to express themselves in fashion, music, makeup etc. But come on - can't you just be sorta normal for one night?

The Worst
Nikki - your not Gaga - this is ridiculous

Robyn those orthopedic construction boots are hideous, never mind the undershirt

spaghetti arms

not cool to steal your grandmas clothes


I thought the gown was pretty if she lost that transformer arm

I actually think this would be cool if she wore nude colored undergarments

The Best

Even thought the hair was a toss up between Tina Turner & Labradoodle this dress was hot!

love the simple white cocktail with origami pleats - sexxy & sophisticated

Adele is perfection

Gwenyth always looks ridiculously too good

I hate to admit this but I loved Paris's goddess like gown

Carrie Underwood brought sexxy back

dislike her music but adored this dress - that color looked amazing on her and the hair & jewels were gorg!

Go Big Blue!

loving the purple velvet

Adam Levine wears this three piece suit like no ones biz

love me some Bruno

~all photos via Daily News~


  1. Your comments are so ON! Carrie looks fab!

  2. Heidi, you are right on! Love that your husband supports your blogging, and I am 100% with you re Chris Brown -- that was just wrong. Carrie Underwood's dress was my absolute fave, and Gwenyth was a close second.


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