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Friday, February 10, 2012

a girl with curves

Lets face it, no matter what size we are most of us will never be truly happy with our bodies. I have never met anyone (at least no one who has ever admitted to it) who has ever said "I love my figure and there is nothing I would change about it". I have heard the phrase "big German girl" one too many times then I care to admit in my lifetime and never once was it said as a compliment. I have never been petite and never will be. It would be impossible for me to be a size 2  (I don't think I was even a size 2 in 6th grade) nor do I want to be.  BUT with that being said there are a zillion things I could go on about that I would change about my appearance, which I will keep to myself because it's not about that today. I will save that conversation for my sister and my girlfriends after a few glasses of vino and we start fantasizing of what plastic surgery we would have if we ever had the nerve to ever go through with it! Today is about an awesome blog I discovered through some of my other daily reads.  When I saw a link called "a girl with curves" I couldn't help but click it and once I did I was enamored with the beauty of Tanesha and her fashionable ensembles. She embraces her curves and I am envious that she looks damn good doing it too! Not only does she perfectly pair outfits and reuse pieces in new ways but she tells you wear she gets everything and most stores are super affordable. There are a zillion and a half blogs out there of thin girls flaunting their skin & bones in clothes,  there are far fewer of women that truly reflect what most women look like in real life. While the images below barely scratch the surface of all the prettiness from her site,  I chose a few of my favorite looks. Go visit her blog here for more and enjoy - because this girl knows how to dress!

classic poncho & cross body - perfect weekend outfit

black & tan - what more is there to say - always looks good

chiffon on chiffon totally works with this hi low skirt and blouse

pop of color with opaque tights

adding a blazer to any outfit keeps everything looking neat

how beautiful is this evening look?

black skinnies & a plum tunic is so effortlessly chic

loving the collar necklace

beautifully styled vintage pieces


  1. Love this! I too follow Girl with Curves for the same reason! Her style is amazing and she def knows how to dress her body! I love to see women that I can most relate to. And while I know that I will never be a size 2 (nor do I strive to be that size) it's great to see women with such beauty who embrace their curves!

    <3 Adriana

  2. I agree 100% Adriana - your blog is super cute too!

  3. She is very cute and beautiful also having fabulous curve figure. Her style also very nice. I like her curly hair.

    Best of luck.


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