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Monday, January 30, 2012

these boots were made for walking

It's no secret that I hate wearing a sensible shoe. I always have to ask my husband if we are cabbing it or walking to places simply to plan my outfit accordingly. He has learned that cabbing it his safest bet. I never want to ruin one of my favorite parts of an outfit - the shoes! This doesn't bode well with living in the city never mind the broken sidewalks of Beacon Hill and after last weekend when I nearly lost a foot to frostbite because I didn't have a proper shoe for the frigid weather, I was forced to look into a walking shoe that is also cute for the wardrobe. Thankfully my mom aka "santa" was to the rescue and the over the knee riding boots that were back ordered from Christmas arrived the next day. Below are five looks that I simply adore and will be trying recreate with what I have in the good old closet - these women are totally my thin-spiration because let's face it - a knee boot looks so much better on a lean legs and skinny jeans do too!

Oh and to boot (pun intended) some of these styles are on sale. Go get yours with the links below!
I couldn't resist a pic with a Berner in it
(I will one day be a mommy to a furry baby & hopefully look this chic walking him around the hill)

I can't get enough of this casual yet effortlessly chic day time look - adding in an over sized leopard clutch pulls this outfit together perfectly

this outfit is the trifecta of perfecting the equestrian look, riding boots, blazer & a tailored shirt, I would totally wear this look but unfortunately the only thing I know about horses is how to bet on them at the track

two tone boots are genius - goes with everything - WANT!

comfy yet stylish & loving the over the knee socks

~ Go Shopping ~

own & love - most comfortable boot to walk around in!

Happy Monday!


  1. Where did you find the image of the blue infinity scarf and riding boots? I am trying to figure out what jeans those are!! Thanks for your help!!

  2. Hi Lauren, I found the image originally on this Tumbler site - sorry to not be of more help!

  3. Do you know what brand those brown riding boots are in that photo with the navy pants and navy scarf and leopard print bag?

    1. Sorry I don't know what brand those are but these are similar look - -


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