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Friday, January 27, 2012

for the love of etsy

I can't help notice that sites like Pinterest and Etsy are getting tons of attention lately and I really think Instagram is next to blow up (if your not on it, it's a photo sharing site with comments, followers etc). Today however is about my beloved Etsy,  I am a true addict to the site and daily I have my nose pressed up against the computer screen trying to locate fab finds which I am sharing with you today. While what I think is a total gem might not be everyone's cup of tea but isn't it fun to see what others find interesting or think is pretty. If we we all liked the same stuff wouldn't the world be so blah! I just adore Etsy and think the items are so unique and not something you will find in the typical brick & mortar stores out there. I was torn about sharing all my finds because I so am in love with each and every one of them but I  have zero room for extras in my life right now.  Wouldn't you agree that this site is an incredible phenomenon that not only makes crafts look cool but it also has generated so many businesses out there that probably didn't have a shot otherwise in succeeding in a village shop. For some of these small time entrepreneurs all it takes is to be mentioned in some sort of media or a wedding blog and boom they are an overnight success. I remember when I was planning my wedding I used Etsy like crazy to find so many customizable elements as well as hard to find decor items that were either too pricey in the stores or just didn't have the right look. The site can be very overwhelming but if you know what you are looking for you can narrow down your search and locate exactly what you need and most of the time at a cheaper price then you would have paid in retail. Below are a few of my favorite finds that I just keep in my little Etsy heart folder waiting for the day when I will actually can purchase one or all of these goodies for the home, the office, the wardrobe or give as a gift! . Do you have any special Etsy finds that you want to share or is it too good that you have to keep it to yourself???

pretty calligraphy calendar

oversized foldover clutch

love the look of these vintage styled frames that mix patterns but all coordinate together perfectly

custom lucite trays - so many pattern & color options to match your homes decor

gold & white paper mache bowls - so chic for catching your keys when you walk in the door

couldn't resist some home made jewlery - this emerald three stone ring is redonk
(I used this designer for bridemaids rings - amazing work & custom)
use code: dooleynotedstyle for 15% off your order

letterpress printed vintage atlas wall art - pick your state or country & boom you have artwork

this vintage typewriter would look fantastic on a shelf in an office

french style poufs

for the list lover like moi

custom bedding - yes please

vintage first aid kit
would be cute on a book shelf in a living room or office
 (esp if your a md)

~click on the hyper links above each image to go shopping~


  1. Heidi,

    I love this list of your favorites & am going to check them all out :) Thanks so much for including the first aid kit from my shop!


  2. Your welcome Jody - Its such an incredible in tact vintage piece - love love love it!

  3. Heidi...
    You have great taste!!! and I love your blog..I read it every morning!!! Great finds..and stuff that I am actually interested in on a blog..and can afford :)
    P.S. so jealous you're going to Paris...enjoy!

    Thanks again!

  4. Thank you so much Meredith - I really appreciate your reading the blog & so happy to hear you enjoy it!

  5. this is lovely thank you for featuring my ring in your lovely blog. Best Wishes, pinar

  6. These are really great items. Thank you so much for including our light in your blog.


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