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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

old school is new school

Everything in fashion always goes full circle, what once was in will find it's way back to the limelight again  (lets hope this isn't the case with Z Cavaricci's). Bathing suits are not exempt from this fashion cycle and I am very happy because of it. I can't help notice the trendss for this season are all giving a nod to the 50's & 60's styles and are a little more conservative then what has usually been displayed in the bathing suit market. Could it be the Brazilian bottoms and the no support string bikini tops are officially passe??? Doubtful because woman want to be feel sexy and generally that means showing more then they should (not moi of course, I loathe wearing bathing suits) especially at the beach. The looks below are all images from the past of incredible swimsuit styles that I believe flaunt a sex appeal and an elegant element that is gone from today's fashions. These woman didn't have to show all their goodies for attention nor did they have to be a size zero to look fantastic. I welcome the new styles but don't think it's for every body type (sorry Ke$ha). I have yet to try on a bathing suit since my honeymoon and cringe at the thought of my reflection in a neon lit dressing room and my pale skin under a spot light but let's face it - we will all have to find a bathing suit before summer. Maybe I will schedule a spray tan and a hair appointment for a blow out before I go swimsuit shopping, doesn't a tan always help make your hate your body less???


Marilyn Monroe is always amazingly stunning in everything she wore - a white bathing suit is a challenge in itself and she makes it look effortlessly chic

this awesome foursome must have had the boys chasing them in their hay day - I adore each & every suit

this is the only instance where a rice hat has looked chic

1950s advertisement & adorable styles of vintage swimwear

these sun goddess's are true beauties

love the built in shorts & halter neck

***all images via google images***

Ke$ha is hardly recognizable in her 50's inspired two piece

Taylor Swift pulls off polka dots with ease

Florence & The Machine lead singer chose the high wasted bottoms with a turban like head wrap

Anne Hathaway with now Fiance chose a modest one piece while swimming in Italy

Mischa Barton rocks this retro look with ease & perfectly pairs her polka dots with a sailor short

AnnaLynne McCord on the set of 90210 chooses a sexier version of this vintage style swimsuit

Kim Catrall on the set of SATC 2008

oldschool is newschool
~Go Shopping~
Nanette Lepore nylon bikini

Cannes Maillot
$148 -

ASOS top bikini
$32 -

Miraclesuit bandeau bathing suit
$122 -

J Crew sport bikini
$72 -

Bandeau swimwear

Marc by Marc jacob
$164 -

Nanette lepore swimwear
$90 -

$350 -

So is the vintage look for you??? Let's just hope it doesn't make a come back for men - the look below isn't doing it for anyone!

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