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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

make her your wife before she breaks up with you

I wish I could take credit for the clever title of today's blog but truth is I saw it on a Boston billboard for a local jeweler and was instantly inspired for today's post. The other night while I was sitting in my companies Manhattan office waiting for my husband to finish up a late work meeting I was scanning Facebook and kept noticing the happy posts of people celebrating their new engagements! It had me looking back to 2009 when my husband popped the question to me in our beloved NYC (also around the holidays). When John proposed his nerves must have gotten the best of him as he forgot to have the ring out when he was on bended knee. He always jokes that it was a great sign that I said yes before I saw the ring and even a better sign that I was sobbing even harder when I did because he knew he had selected the perfect ring for me. Getting engaged is such a wonderful feeling, I wish I could remember more of the night but it all goes into a blur after I called my family.  Since these sparklers are so fun to look at I decided to devote an entire post to them and part two will have lots of pretty images on how to photograph them on your wedding day! Tell me - which is your dream ring???


  1. Ooooh, pretty jewels! I'm drawn to the rose gold one because I never see engagement rings in rose gold and am kinda obsessed with it lately. My fav is a solitaire in yellow gold (except make it in platinum)... mainly b/c it looks just like my ring. :-)

  2. I had to throw in a little bit of everything - I think it's great that your ring is still your favorite - your hubs did good! While my ring is also my favorite I can't help but adore some other styles too - I mean who doesn't love Harry Winston!

  3. Only one problem with today's blog. While it did inspire me to go "ring shopping", it did not provide me with the man who is suppose to buy it for me. Talk about cart before horse. Oh well, at least I can save time down the road. ;-)


  4. Of this selection....I love the top left the most for myself! All gorgeous though!


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