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Friday, December 9, 2011

Walking through a Beacon Hill Wonderland

Last night was the famous Beacon Hill Stroll down the charming Charles Street. I had originally thought today’s blog post would have to have been titled "a one woman party" since I couldn't find anyone who wanted to go with me but my sweet husband moved around his busy work schedule and escorted me to the event.  The stroll started at 6pm and all the boutiques that line Charles Street decked out their storefronts and interiors for the event while offering goodies (some had wine, champagne & beer) and discounts for the shoppers. The road was closed to my delight so we didn't have to walk on the broken brick sidewalk that I always trip on! I was thrilled to run into a neighbor and her new baby daughter that was dressed as the cutest Elf I ever did see, I am still kicking myself for not snatching a photo of the adorable nugget. Around 7pm Santa arrives and the Christmas tree in front of the Charles Street Market gets lit on a countdown from the audience. I of course was counting down as loud as the children and wanted to be as close to Santa as they were. Once the tree lights were twinkling the carolers began to sing and everyone was participating - it was perfect. If there had been snow on the ground I really would have been bouncing off the walls with excitement. The evening events only contributed more to my desire of never leaving the city, if you can live in a part of the city that literally feels like the inside of a snow globe why would I ever leave???  I am then reminded of the Real Estate prices which burst my bubble!

Some photos of the evening are below - my apologies for the less then stellar iPhone photos,  my husband tells me if I am going to take the blog seriously (which I do) then I must go full tourist mode and use our good camera when pictures need to be taken.... which leads me to my newest accessory search of a fashionable camera strap, I am thinking sparkles will be in order!

we may not have 5th Avenue like NYC but the Charles Street boutiques decorated their windows with some eye candy




the screaming children resulted in me making my coffee an adult beverage

Santa arrives

may the force be with you child

the lighting of the tree

the carolers

the band

cute "Christmas story lamp" window on the walk home

Louisburg Square townhouse stoop all decorated - I imagine the people that live there are watching Little Woman and drinking wine with a beautiful fire burning

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!

for more information on the stroll & stores:

Beacon Hill Information:
Moxie -
Holiday Boutique  -
Wish -


  1. Sounds great....I would happily do this with you next year! Particularly if you are walking around with "hot toddies" !!

  2. Next year you will have a stroller & a hot cocktail :)


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