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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifts Galore

I keep hearing everyone is done with Christmas shopping early this season. I have to say my husband & I are as well which is a great feeling but also a bit early in the month for us. I love this time of year more then anything so I always want to soak up every second of the holiday spirit!  I torture my husband with the Christmas music channel in the car, make him watch tons of Christmas movies that he has seen a million times and I always want to attend every holiday event the city offers. I seriously would hang out with the crazy Christmas Target lady if I had her number and if she was real. While we didn't step foot in a store this year due to our new Thanksgiving tradition of going for round two of turkey and stuffing around 11pm followed with sitting on the couch and ordering all our gifts online (all the black Friday deals are online so no need to be in a hot mess of a shopping excursion at the crack of dawn). I am however still longing for a trip to a suburban mall just to look at the decorations and buy more stuff just so that this Christmas feeling doesn't go away too soon. If I do any more shopping some of the items I would love to buy & give are listed below!

for the host or hostess -  custom lucite or canvas trays

for the posh pup - a stylish doggie bed with tons of amazing fabrics to choose from

for the little chefs in our lives - play kitchen and cooking accessories

for the men in our lives that want to be outdoorsy and still look good - classic Barbour coat

for anyone who hates waking up to an alarm like myself

for the ladies who love accessories like moi

for the adventurous sushi lovers who want to try to make at home & have it look good
for the music lovers

for the traveler - chic luggage that doesn't break the bank

for the home - quirky umbrella holder

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas!

Buying Guide:

womans bracelets & clutch -

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