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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"house loves"

And the house blogging continues...There are a few beloved items that I keep in a photo journal on my iPhone that I dream about having in a home one day. If I see something that I know I will adore for years to come, I take a photo and file it under "house loves".  One of my obsessions is the Jonathan Adler gold drum featured on the "for the love of India - decorate with it". I first fell for this golden beauty on our honeymoon in Anguilla. The gorgeous Viceroy Hotel which was decorated by the famous Kelly Wearstler had these everywhere and instantly had me on the hunt on where I could buy back in the U.S.. When I found out that Jonathan Adler was coming out with these in Fall 2011, I seriously wanted to naked cartwheels in celebration! So now I just need to do two things - save up a lot of cash to purchase and find out where I can incorporate this into our existing apartment so I can admire its gorgeousness everyday!

convex or concave - decisions...decisions

The rest of the items that seriously bring a smile to my face are a bit all over the place. They may not all make it in my life one day but since today's blog is a bit of a miscellaneous one I thought I would share a few more pieces of pretty for the home.

I will one day have a room with pink in it like the one below -I spy a tangerine & fuchsia Hermes blanket that is on my very lonnnggggg overpriced but so fabulous a girl can dream wish list.

I am not totally over the French "shabby chic" look - my husband however is very much so

exposed wood beams and a rustic sliding door is a must for us one day

light grey patterned wallpaper like in the room below will hopefully make an appearance in my life

white kitchen with marble = total perfection

hammered copper light fixtures are so amazing in an all white room

outdoor living room with fireplace is screaming an Indian Summer party to me

round kitchen table so it's easy to chat with my family & friends who I want over for dinner every night!

What are the house loves in your life???

1 comment:

  1. I love your loves!
    I, too, am now dreaming of those hammered copper light fixtures! And I've always loved the rustic sliding door! You have great taste!


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