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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Au Fudge

When my nieces were younger and still playing with dolls my husband and I would love to shop at The American Girl store just outside the city here in MA. Seems normal right? Go into doll store, buy doll, go home. Oh no, well this doll store also has a restaurant and I am not going to lie, more then once we have ponied up to the old fashioned counter next to parents with their kids and fancy dolls in tow to order a milkshake treat post shopping. We were definitely the only people there without children which probably made us look like major weirdos but in all honestly they just make a damn good milkshake and it was one stop shopping for us. I remember looking around the crowded restaurant filled with children having birthday parties or just a special day out with their parents and I recall them all being so well behaved. I remember my parents also taking us out to nice places as kids and removing us the second we weren't at our best. Sure was that annoying for the parent that had to take us outside? Yes, but after it happened a few times, we all eventually learned how to behave in a restaurant. It had me wondering why there aren't more family friendly restaurants outside the big box chains. Enter Au Fudge, Jessica Biel's new stylish eatery in Los Angeles that was created with the family unit in mind. Not only is the menu designed with healthy organic bites, it's decorated beautifully so you don't feel like your in a dark dungeon of restaurant that feels depressing. They offer creative spaces for your children to be entertained while you dine as well as a calendar of fun child friendly events. Short on time to dine in, order a cake or stop in the marketplace for treats to go. While we aren't parents yet {hopefully one day}, I love this concept and would love to see something similar in Boston! Read more about the restaurant in this short interview.

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