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Friday, April 1, 2016

Donut You Want One

I know there has been some major radio silence here on the blog and I don't have a very good excuse to give you all, that is if anyone is reading this. Life just has been a bit crazy and my little creative corner has taken a back seat on the priority list. As of late I have been really trying to take care of myself health wise. Getting in shape with alternating classes at Soul Cycle and Yoga, dieting with Weight Watchers {down 7 lbs!} and generally tending to myself in a way I haven't in a long time. Since we all know dieting is hard and giving up your favorite indulgences just makes you want to quit. I have decided to try healthier versions of all my favorites. I think this donut recipe from Drizzle Me Skinny has to be my favorite thus far. I have made them numerous times and they always come out great & today I made them even a little more sweeter for my chocoholic husband by adding in some chocolate cake mix & topping with chocolate frosting. I even bagged some up & gifted to friends! All you need is a donut pan and some basic baking ingredients. Enjoy!

more healthy snacking recipes can be found here & here 

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