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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Style & Real Estate - Fixer Upper

Did you all tune in today to see Hometown on HGTV? It was SO good! It had similar bits that really reminded me of my favorite show Fixer Upper without being the same show. Which brings me to today's post, have you seen their farmhouse tour in Country Living? I die, it's absolutely adorable, just like them! I mean, you cannot tell me you haven't thought about ditching your life wherever you live and picking up to move to Waco & have them turn some dilapidated shed into the home of your dreams. Anyone else have seriously career and family envy of Chip & Joanna? Four beautiful children, loving marriage, gorgeous farmhouse {I die over all their animals too, give me all the baby goats STAT}, thriving business, gorgeous storefront, furniture line, bed & breakfast, bakery to come, book deal...they literally have it all! HGTV really needs to have more feel good tv with shows like this & Hometown. I am so tired of the Property Brothers saturating the line up and don't even get me started on the dreadful Love It or List It, those two shows always show such stressed out homeowners who bicker with one another and the thanks. When I want to unwind in front of the television at night the last thing I want to see is stressful situations, I know that is real life, blah blah blah...but I much prefer a show where people are kind and happy throughout the program. I also would love to see HGTV take on more urban living shows. How great would it be to see old apartments in historic cities like Boston get the makeovers they so desperately need. I think there is real lack of city lifestyles portrayed on HGTV. So before I continue rambling on my show ideas and strong opinions on the shows that are on my beloved HGTV, let's take a look inside the farmhouse of the gorgeous Gaines family. Enjoy!

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