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Monday, January 18, 2016

Let's Get Local - Ceremony Boston

image via Hello Love Photography

Morning friends, I am so excited to share another"let's get local feature" with you all today showcasing the lovely Alix of Ceremony Boston. Located in my favorite nook of the city, the charming Beacon Hill is this gorgeous bridal boutique featuring the most dreamy of dresses. I so wish I could get hitched again {same guy of course, love you J} to wear one of these bohemian beauties and work with this talented wife & mama. When we were getting married back in 2011 Boston definitely was lacking on the variety in the bridal market and honestly no where had the aesthetic that you can find at Ceremony.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Alix like I do many of the other women I feature in this series, at local events where I get to learn so much more about my city & the ladies who are at the top of their game making this beloved city of ours the best it's ever been. So get your cup of morning caffeine and get comfy reading about this lovely lady and her beautiful boutique. xo Heidi

She said that she never really knew herself until she became a small business owner coming face-to-face with very high stakes on a daily basis. When you are in a business solo, this can be an extremely terrifying thing that really exposes yourself to yourself - including your deepest fears and insecurities.

Tell us a little about Alix, the gal behind the beautiful boutique. 

First and foremost these days I am a mama. I have a 3 year old daughter, Beckett, and a 6 month old son, Dash — they keep me busy from morning to night (and often very very late at night) and are always my #1 priority. One of the best things about being my own boss is that I have the flexibility to work my kids into my professional life quite a bit - for instance, Dash has been with me at the shop every day since I came back to work after having him. My daughter, too, loves coming into the shop - she is like a magpie and goes right for everything that sparkles and thinks all the brides look like Cinderella. Of course this all comes with the trade-off that I am never truly on vacation and can't “turn-off” my business owner role, which can be hard and means very little personal time.

When I do sneak in an hour or two of me time, I love yoga and running. We’re in the process of renovating a home in Newton so that has kept me busy recently - though of course it is a labor of love. It’s not our first home, but it is our first real house with a yard and everything, so I’m having a lot of fun imagining my kids growing up there and picking out all the little details that will be the backdrop for their childhood.  

I guess another little piece of “me trivia” would be that I’m also a an old-school country music junkie. My bachelorette party was in Nashville!

image via Hello Love Photography

What inspired you to open Ceremony and what are some of the items/services your provide within your shop?

I was primarily inspired by a lot of the creative, young designers out there making waves in the bridal community back in 2012-2013, there was so much happening in the bridal world that brides were seeing on Instagram and Pinterest but that was not represented in Boston yet. I saw this as an obvious opportunity for something new and fresh and also as a great personal challenge to create a space and business that represented my own style.

We have a couple of really new, exciting designers in the shop right now like Alexandra Grecco from NYC and Rue de Seine from New Zealand, they are making some of the most creative bridal collections I’ve ever seen and I am honored that Ceremony gets to play a small part in their evolution and that we get to introduce Boston brides to their gowns.   

 What was the best advice you were given when you ventured out to open Ceremony and do you have any advice to give to another potential small business owner?

The best, most practical advice I had was simply to keep my overhead low. It seems simplistic, and is, but is also so vitally important and also so easy to overlook. I would, and do, share this advice with other prospective young entrepreneurs - especially in the retail space. More anecdotally, I once read an article on starting up a small business (unfortunately I cannot remember the source, but she was spot-on and much more eloquent than I)She said that she never really knew herself until she became a small business owner coming face-to-face with very high stakes on a daily basis. When you are in a business solo, this can be an extremely terrifying thing that really exposes yourself to yourself - including your deepest fears and insecurities. This is definitely true and can be scary and eye-opening. At the same time, it is a very freeing thing and also an incredible source of growth to get through this.

Do you have a favorite style aesthetic you like to keep in the shop in regards to designers & dresses?

While I try to craft a collection that, in broad strokes, speaks to the laid-back bride with a unique, sophisticated sense of personal style. Right now, this is largely represented by a number of bohemian inspired collections in the shop because the boho babe is having such a great moment in indie bridal. However, this is certainly not the only type of bride that the collections cater to. I’m really excited about all of the options in the shop right now for the classic bride. You know, the girl who throws on a white t-shirt and jeans and looks effortless and amazing? I love an unembellished beautiful silk crepe gown and always try to have at least a handful of these in the collection.

Since you are in the heart of Boston do you have any favorite places to shop, dine, or visit in our little city and/or surrounding areas? Hidden gems you would be willing to share?

Right now, I spend most of my time shopping in Beacon Hill because truthfully, I don’t have time to get much further than a few blocks from the shop, and I also am a strong believer in shopping local.  Fortunately, as a shopping destination, it is really getting better and better here every day. I love the curated accessories & home goods at GOOD, and my go-to spot for one-of-kind gifts is December Thieves

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