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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Puppy Love

If you have seen my instagram it's pretty evident that I am puppy obsessed. Always have been, yet haven't had the opportunity to add one into our family. I am hoping that is all going to change with our new apartment this fall. I grew up with three dogs, my parents have two, my sister has two, and my brother has one. I mention this as we will be bringing the sixth dog into our family and need a breed that is easy to travel with since we are often on the go, needs to play well with others because  we have a big mix of breeds in our family and most importantly good with kids because we have four beautiful nieces who will be around the pup. The King Charles Cavalier is a front runner for its size and temperament but I would love any advice/insight you all have with other breeds! I have only had English Springer Spaniels my entire life and while I love them SO much, I think we need a smaller size for our city living and travel lifestyle. Next up...the fun task of a name!

Untitled #759

bowls // grooming brush // travel bed // water canteen // dog bed // shark toy // toy rope // bone chew toy // leather leash {also love this one} // collar // dog gift bag // biscuit jar // dog tag // bag holder // toy bin 

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