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Monday, April 27, 2015

Coffee Tables

You guys - I need your help BAD! I am a serious fish out of water with interior decorating and would love your opinions/advice. Our new living room above will be partially furnished with the items you see in the photo but I will be changing out the coffee table for a new one that will be larger to accommodate all the seating. I am having a hard time finding the right piece that is functional for the space as well as coordinating with all the different woods and fabrics in the room. A tufted ottoman provides a place to kick up our feet for relaxing while the glass matches the chrome sconces that flank the fireplace and finally the white washed wood tie into the french country kitchen. What do I do?
Untitled #765
white washed wood
one // two

glass & chrome
one // two

tufted upholstery 
one // two 

coffee table accessories


  1. I definitely agree that round is the way to go! If you like something upholstered, I love the one on the bottom left. For something non-upholstered, the top right is beautiful. Traditional which fits the space, but not too staid. Can't wait to see the space come together!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to give me an opinion, I'm so torn with mixing woods & materials!

  2. Also I like that the upper right coffee table has slightly distressed wood which will compliment the kitchen cabinets.


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