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Monday, February 16, 2015


During our brief three months in NYC I often found myself wandering up Madison Avenue to window shop all the luxury retailers beautiful displays. One that always stood out to me was that of  Anya Hindmarch with her gorgeous and colorful bags. The simple design with the petite bow hardware is what initially caught my eye but when I popped into the boutique I was quickly captivated by the playful stickers created for the Spring/Resort 2015 collection. While I usually don't opt for trendy pieces {especially in a handbag} part of me was smitten with the ability to personalize your purse with these cheeky designs. However, buyer beware, once your sticker is placed on the leather, it's permanent so you better love what you choose!

I put together some of my favorite items from the collection and a playful spin on how I would decorate the bags with the stickers available. 

Untitled #737

Shop all the above & more here and here or with the links below!

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