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Monday, January 26, 2015

Saving Face

As blizzard Juno is doing her business outside, I am reminded of how horrifically dry my skin has been this winter.  I have been increasing my daily water intake to work on my skin from the inside out yet I have yet to see an improvement. So I naturally turn to products striving for a quick fix to keep my face and body hydrated. After all, no one wants dry scaly skin, it's so not cute. Below are a few favorites for tending to dry skin head to toe.
Untitled #727

one - we may not have a tub in Boston but here in NYC I have been indulging in endless bubble baths, this foaming gel is also epsom salt which is so great for the skin, drawing out toxins, healing bruises and sore muscles.
two - this is by far my favorite drugstore beauty find, I can't live without them. I switched from the nighttime formula to the hydrating one and love the moisturized feel my skin has after removing my daily makeup.
three - instead of using an abrasive scrub, I have been using this gentle peeling gel to remove all dead skin from my face to my neck, it's really incredible what it removes. I use it along with the entire anti aging set from the same brand, it's the bees knees.
four - Remember my favorite lip gloss? Well she also makes an incredible clear gloss for the softest lips.
five - It's a tad embarrassing to admit but my heels get incredibly dry and painful. I use this product at night and then put on socks to trap the moisture in. It's amazing how it can work it's magic overnight. I have also heard good things about this foot peel but have yet to try them.
six - This tasty scrub leaves lips smooth and supple.
seven - Remember this instagram? Well I am now totally addicted to these masks. After I removed the "scary mask" my skin felt incredibly hydrated, firm and youthful.
eight - I am usually a big fan of this daily moisturizer but I also like to change things up every now and then to reboot my skin. I was especially keen on it with it's anti-aging formula. Not shown is my  body moisturizer which was recommended by my dermatologist.

You can shop the post with the links above or any the images below!

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