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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Take Me Away - Iceland

I recently read at Domaine Home that Iceland is the new hot spot vacation destination for 2015. Generally when I think of vacation, I gravitate towards warm weather and a beach that a heavy rotation of tropical drinks can be delivered to my beach chair. That for me is the epitome of relaxation. However,  as Iceland has been rolling out some very chic hotels a long weekend getaway in a cold climate might not be so bad. While the article recommends some very cool hotels near the hustle & bustle {Kex & Marina Hotel}. I did a little research for myself and found the Ion Hotel which is less then an hour from Reykjavik. After browsing some online photos of the resort I was drawn to this review  The Ion Hotel looks like a a space ship which has landed in a very harsh environment but when you walk in the door the decor really takes your breath away." So if adventure is your thing, this hotel has a plethora of it. Hiking, deep sea diving, luxury horse back riding, fishing and so much more. Just take a looksie below at the contemporary hotel with it's sleek design and tell me your not curious what it's like to sleep under the Northern Lights. 

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