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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cookbook Crush - Thug Kitchen

{you can purchase here}

Confession...I have a horrible mouth. I curse way too much and if things aren't going my way, I can form complete sentences that only include profanities. My husband has thankfully been slowly breaking me of this truck driver habit and has even completely rid me of flipping the bird at a-bag drivers when I am filled with road rage. This is a very good thing considering people are totally bat shit crazy and you never know when someone will go postal on you...that combined with the fact that I often think I am a hell of a lot tougher then I actually am. So when I came across the Thug Kitchen cookbook during a recent visit to a local book store, I fell totally head over heels in love. Michelle Davis & Matt Holloway are the crass combo behind the book that aim to make you eat healthier with simple ingredients and do so by being 100% vegan all with an foul mouthed hilarity that is undeniably relatable. While the vegan lifestyle is something that I am not completely drawn to {sorry I still like a burger or bolognese sauce every now and then} the ingenuity behind the unpretentious recipes and comedic writing could convince me to give all their dishes a try. Check out some of their recipes below to get a little sampling of their work to give you an idea of what they are all about... this will definitely be on my Christmas list to Santa! 

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