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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chopped - Cocktail Edition

Happy Friday everyone! I have been out on Shelter Island this week watching my parents pups and while I love my time in the country, living on a small island in the off season is a another story. Last night I drove an hour and half just to get some take out and everything on this little island closes at 5!  Much different then the urban life we are used to. So after a long day Thursday, I wanted to whip up a special little cocktail for John and I but I didn't want to leave the house to do so, that would be an additional hour endeavor. I thought I would give myself a little "chopped" challenge to create something delicious yet simple with ingredients that we had in the house {which were very few}. My dad loves mint, it's growing all over our yard, so I cut a few stems and tried to think of what paired well with them. We didn't have any fresh fruit in the house besides a lemon so I added that to my "mystery" basket. I then raided my dad's wine fridge {sorry pop, not much has changed since my college days} and after a peak inside, it was just as I thought...all Chardonnay's - ick. As I was about to close the doors and grab my keys to go to the liquor store, I pushed away the buttery chards & spotted a bottle of Prosecco in the way back {queue the music of the heavens opening} . Ok back to the task at hand, I had three ingredients but I didn't think it was enough to give me a super tasty cocktail, so the hunt continued. After searching the pantry to no avail, I surveyed the freezer and spotted some zesty lemon sorbet...jackpot! I put this in a bowl and let it completely melt {like you would vanilla ice cream for a crème anglaise} added in some good vodka, the entire bottle of Prosecco and garnished it with mint. It was fan freaking-tastic, tasted like a very chilled sparkling lemonade that after a few sips you simply didn't care what the day had in store for you. Letting the sorbet completely melt and mix in with the bubbly gave a perfectly frothy refreshing drink versus a scoop of sorbet that sits like a meatball in your glass :)
Hope you enjoy!

{my mom even had some cute towels & tray to use in the photo}


One Pint Haagan Daz Zesty Lemon Sorbet
One Bottle Italian Prosecco
4 oz premium vodka {no flavor}
mint or lemon slice for garnish


Melt the pint of sorbet completely, stir in entire bottle of Prosecco and vodka, pour & garnish with mint or a lemon slice. 

p.s. if mint ain't your thang...basil, would also work awesome! If you want to make it more of a punch bowl recipe, add in some blackberries or blueberries for some sweetness. 

Cheers to the weekend!

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