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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pretty Please

My girlfriends and I used to joke around that getting to name nail polish's for a living could quite possibly be the most fun of career's. Being an aunt to four beautiful little nieces who inspire me all the time, I even at one point wanted to create an all natural nail lacquer line that would have fun names designed for a younger audience. So when I cam across Pretty Please a site that allows you to create your own custom nail polish along with it's name, I was very excited to get started. It will make a great stocking stuff come the holiday season, fun for bachelorette's or even a fabulous favor for a bridal shower or birthday party for any gal at any age. I personally love how they use a real hand display of how their twenty five colors will look and the interactive label maker so you see how your custom name will appear not he bottle. For fun I played around with a few and my favorites so far are "Red-y For Love" for polish #4, "Everything but the kitchen pink" and "Pa-stellar Pink" for polish #12 and finally "Indecent Purple-osal" for #25. What would you name your color?

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