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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Take Me Away - Cape Cod

Growing up in NY usually meant our summers were spent right where we lived. From birth to age fifteen you could find my family in a bare bones beach bungalow in a small community called Kismet on Fire Island. As my siblings and I got older it was getting harder and harder to get the family together so we explored other summer destinations and headed out to Cape Cod for a change of scenery. While we only went for two summers, lots of fun memories were made with my crazy fun cousins. I am however sad to report that even after all the years I have lived in Boston, I have not found myself back out there. I blame the easy access we have to all so many wonderful destinations near Boston and only twelve weeks to enjoy them all. Well that all might have to change with the new boutique hotel that just opened in Cape Cod's Provincetown. The Salt House Inn is the fabulous new hot spot located at the end of Cape Cod. This charming inn screams beach chic and simple oh so good style at every corner. I am personally loving the all white color palette and homey feel in every little detail. Check out some photos from their gallery and if you have already been, I would love to hear your thoughts!

a no frills check in

adore the charming guest room feeling versus the typical hotel room

daily details of weather, activities and menu's are artfully displayed on their blackboard in their super stylish and welcoming breakfast room 

the loft is their most luxurious & biggest room with plenty of space to make yourself at home


  1. We stayed at the Salt House Inn last June and had the most splendid time! (You can read about our visit here - I hope you're able to make it down to Provincetown, either in the summer or in the fall, and when you do, a relaxed meal at The Canteen is also a must!

    1. thank you so much for the info & link - really appreciate it!


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