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Monday, June 2, 2014

Skinny VS. Flare

Sunday afternoon I had brunch with one of my girlfriends at our favorite Boston dining destination. The usual texting between friends took place before brunch, ya know...where to go, when to meet, what to wear. The last question always being the hardest one to answer. In my opinion gals like to be dressed similarly to their friends in the form of "dressiness" i.e. if everyone is going casual jeans and tee's you don't want to show up in a dress and vice versa. My go to whenever I don't know what to wear is my favorite destroyed skinnies and a white silk blouse. My friend simultaneously texted me she was also in skinny denim and a tank. Now what's the story here you ask? This particular friend has never EVER worn skinny denim...even after I have taken her shopping numerous times for her first pair, she has never once caved {oh & she totally has a figure to rock them which makes the whole trying to get her to give them a try oh so frustrating}. Well it's safe to say she wasn't into the trend but went through the afternoon looking just as fabulous as I expected. She has always favored her flared denim versus a the fitted jean which had me thinking...which style/brand is your favorite and are both looks here to stay???

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