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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


My husband is BIG into technology. He himself is an inventor and is crazy involved with the wireless world. So much so that he has made a successful career out of his clever ideas. However when there is time for us away from work, he absolutely loathes having a phone out at a dinner or pretty much anywhere we are being social. I however am quick to admit I am a bit of a "power user" on social media. I love being connected and seeing/sharing what's going on in the world. A perfect compromise for us...enter Ringly, the perfectly pretty "alarm" ring that will notify you by different subtle flashes of light or vibrations all in a stylish cocktail ring. It's simply smart jeweled perfection for being notified on important reminders, appointments, emails and so on. Check out how it works below and pre-order your little lovely ring below!


big thanks to my cousin chris for his editing talent of the above video & his fiancĂ© for sharing this fun company with me!

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