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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cucumber Margarita

I am a bad blogger and couldn't get my act together to post this in time for yesterday's "thirsty thursday" series. So instead I am sharing it today...just in time for the weekend and cinco de mayo on Monday. As of late my favorite cocktail is the super refreshing cucumber margarita. I have long loved the margarita but usually only splurge on the caloric drink on special occasions. That all changed when I came across this tasty cocktail. I knew I wanted to try to make this at home so I could make a big ole batch for my best friends visit this weekend. I plan on filling this cute acrylic drink dispenser with lots of fresh sliced cucumbers and limes and drinking all day with my college besties!

{makes four strong cocktails}

1 seedless cucumber {I kept the skin on mine so my juice was darker}
Juice of 6 limes
4 oz silver tequila
4 oz orange liquor
3 oz simple syrup


I used my juicer to get the liquid out of the limes and cucumbers but you could use a food processor for the cucumber and sift out the juice from the skin and or the limes by hand {excellent arm work out}. In a pitcher or drink shaker mix all the liquid till evenly distributed. Pour over ice & garnish with cucumber or lime.

dish towel // glasses // drink stirrers 


  1. These were ridiculously good ~ thanks so much for bringing a batch to the party! Seriously, new fave :-)


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