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Friday, April 18, 2014

Style & Real Estate - Harbour Island

Whenever John and I travel I always like to look up the available real estate and see what is on the market in the area we are staying. It's fun to daydream about owning a property in another country or even just a warmer destination for escaping to when we are fed up with the brutal Boston winters. Our recent St. Lucia trip was no different. While that mountainousness island was truly amazing it wouldn't be ideal for us {I'm a total wimp with heights & giant baby with motion-sickness}, we do however have fond memories of our stay in the Bahamas {also has swimming with pigs so that's a double win} which lead me to the fabulous vacation home of interior designer Allesandra Branca. Don't you just love a peak into the lives of the glamourous. 

Where would you ever dream of owning a vacation home???

Adore how the designer incorporated the red stair case railing into the dining room below with the similar style chairs. 

When I think of red, white and blue in a home, I instantly think of a Nantucket nautical design. I kinda love how it still works in this Caribbean environment. 

I have a serious weakness for double twin beds in a room. It's not always ideal for adult guests but aesthetically they rock my world. 

Cocktails on the terrace....yes please!

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