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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Silver Car

My husband travels quite a bit for work and we all know travel can be a total headache. Our last two trips to Arizona proved this to be true. Upon landing after a lengthy flight we then had to wait in long lines and even longer counter time to rent a car. It was not fun and certainly not what you want to deal with when you need to be somewhere or start vacation. Enter Silvercar, the worlds easiest way to rent an automobile. Oh and it's not just any car, it's a luxurious Audi A4, in silver of course. I arranged this for my husband on a recent trip to Texas and within minutes of his landing he was in his sweet ride and well on his way not having to have dealt with a line or a single person along the way. While they are only located in a few cities {Austin, Dallas, LA & San Francisco} as of right now I have feeling that this company will be expanding very quickly. Download the app on your smartphone, create an account in a matter of seconds and rent your car.  When you land all you do is head to the rental car area, scan a bar code to unlock your car and's so easy! Happy Travels.

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