Thursday, March 20, 2014

Style & Real Estate - Jennifer Aniston

Before I met my husband I lived in a house with five men. It almost felt like a social experiment to see how they behave in their natural habitat while I watched on as a scientist to learn about their behaviors. One thing I learned and was always baffled about was that they didn't think Jennifer Aniston was the most beautiful woman on the planet. They always lusted for the female that was the total opposite of what most woman would say was naturally beautiful. A phenomenon I still find interesting. I personally think she is stunning and have been on team Jen ever since I sported "The Rachel haircut" circa 1998, so it comes to no surprise for me that when I came across her home on Architectural Digest that I was instantly drawn in. I always love a peak into the residences of celebrities and this modern home certainly doesn't disappoint. It looks positively luxurious, just like I would expect.