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Monday, March 3, 2014


We all remember the shoe obsessed character Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & The City. So it comes as no surprise that she has launched her own shoe line named SJP  {a collaboration with the CEO of Manolo Blahnikexclusively sold at Nordstrom. Now I don't know if you recall but this isn't her first time at the fashion rodeo. A few years back she produced an affordable clothing line called "Bitten" exclusively sold at a store called Steve & Barry's where the slogan for the campaign was "fashion is not a luxury". I personally remember the line and admiring her for choosing a retailer that catered to a more cost friendly market while not sacrificing style in her designs. That memory lead me to some new excitement when I shared the launch date of this new shoe line on my Facebook page back in January. However this weekend the line launched and I saw the price point on this brands new collection and was pretty surprised how high the price point was. Sandals that start at $195 and pumps that $350. Is it me or is that a drastic change from her former line where nothing was over $20???  So while I am a huge fan of shoes as much as the next gal {and SJP as an actress}, I would love to know what changed her tune on her original motto and if y'all would be willing to fork over a few Benjamin's for her new line of shoes and accessories???
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all the above shoes available here


  1. I was also shocked at the price point of her collection! I haven't had the chance to see the shoes in person and I am sure the quality is great - but anything with a celebrity name on it seems like it should be more middle of the road, cost wise.


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