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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


When my friend Amelia invited me out for lunch prior to my travels, I didn't think much into it. After-all, having this lovely friend in the neighborhood means I luckily get to have lots of lunch dates with her. Little did I know she was busy planning a luncheon with some other friends and surprised me good! When I walked into Sam's yesterday afternoon and saw some of my favorite faces blowing noise makers and screaming happy birthday, I was literally shocked. I had no idea the pretties around that table had put together such a lovely afternoon that everyone contributed something towards {never-mind that I had just seen them a few days prior at bowling - these girls are good at secret keeping, even after a few bevey's} I was beyond surprised and completely touched. I don't think I have had a birthday party since I was sixteen and let me tell you...they are still super fun even when you are well into your thirties. So a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to these amazing ladies {Lauren, Cambria, Krissy, Kate & Amelia} for completely taking me off guard and making this one birthday I will never forget! I look forward to many more celebrations with you all - xoxo

the amazing treats I got to take home, my floral crown was worn literally all day around the city!

my H balloon now lives perfectly over my bar cart


  1. So fun and so beautiful!! Happy birthday again, lovely lady :)

  2. what a fun birthday surprise! it was so cute watching everyone's instagrams pop up after the surprise. hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! And, your hair looks so amazing! PLEASE do a post on how you do your hair (products/tools)! it looks so fab!

  4. This party looked amazing!! Hope your birthday was fabulous (how could it not be with a soiree like this?!)


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