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Monday, January 20, 2014

Style & Real Estate - Martha's Vineyard

Every summer my husband and I enjoy spending a week on the enchanted island of Nantucket. We love it there so much that we have never thought to venture off to it's neighboring island Martha's Vineyard. That all however may change thanks to some very chic real estate that is available for rent as well as the inside scoop of local hot spots thanks to some girlfriends who grew up there. I mean does it get cooler then a converted church to open concept modern living space with access to the beach??? The interior decor alone sells this space with it's positively drop dead gorgeous design. All that natural light surely would be heavenly to wake up to and there isn't a corner of the converted space that hasn't had details seriously addressed. I adore that the designer and architect put forth every effort to restore as much as possible to the original structure, truly incorporating history and luxury seamlessly. I mean, take a look at the impressive photos below to see what I am talking about and tell me you don't want to vacation {or live} here???

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