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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sip & Snack - Soup & Sandwich

I have taken a serious vacation from the sip & snack series but I am back with an easy recipe where the sip is a soup and the snack is it's best friend. Come winter I pretty much crave soup morning, noon & night. I drive a half hour to Newton, MA at least once a week just to go to my favorite soup factory just to stock up on their matzo ball soup that literally rocks my world. So while I have already shared a delicious soup recipe in this series before I thought I would recreate a nostalgic favorite - tomato soup with its perfect counterpart the grilled cheese sandwich. I however amped up the recipe with some more modern ingredients that really makes this one tasty treat. I used this recipe for the soup While I don't usually mess with Ina's recipes this time around I left out the orzo and used an emulsion blender and the end to give the it a creamy texture. The grilled cheese details are below.

Grilled Cheese

Fontina Cheese
White Bread


Butter two slices of bread, place butter side down in a buttered skillet. add sliced fontina and top with second piece of bread with butter side up. Keep on medium heat and flip as the bottom bread starts to toast and get crispy {about 2 minutes on my stove} repeat for the other side until desired color then set aside and slice. Pair with your soup & enjoy!


  1. Made this soup with my family a few days after good. We used ciabatta bread and gruyere for our grilled cheese - then paired it with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc ~ yum!

    1. ...not that it makes a difference, but just realized it was after Christmas when we made this (is it me, or were the holidays a total blur).

  2. yum! btw, if you drive like 10 minutes longer to waban, barry's matzo ball soup will knock your socks off even more!

    1. thanks for the tip - I am always looking for great matzo ball soup! I miss my NY Jewish Deli's that were on every corner, yum!

  3. May be simple, but it's always a winner! Love grilled cheese and tomato soup!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  4. Delicious! definitely should try it out!


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