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Monday, January 6, 2014

Secret Spaces

There is a certain element of romance about traveling to New York, getting all dolled up and heading out to an elegant dinner with your special someone. I personally love that the massive city is always boasting a new place to try and or discovering hidden {literally} gems that are simply just new to me. Top all of that with a secret entrance and a swanky speak easy vibe and you have completely peaked my curiosity. Enter Beauty & Essex, this lower east side institution boasts a faux pawn shop at it's entrance of which when you pass through turns into a chic modern restaurant with some seriously stylish eats and drinks. I mean they serve bubbly in the ladies room, what is not to love about that! I can just imagine the incredible private parties that take place in their glamours spaces. While I haven't personally been to this sexy New York eatery {yet}, I have been to it's sister restaurant Stanton Social which was amazing. This is definitely on my list to try on our next trip to my beloved city!

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