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Friday, January 10, 2014

All White All The Time

Last weekend my husband and I attended an open house in our neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised to see a house that really didn't need a ton of work {a rarity in this very old town}. While it wasn't the right home for us, one thing I did take from it was it's clean all white decor. Now I know the developers intentionally left every wall white on purpose so the future owners can do whatever they wish with the space but the more I walked around the more I loved the airy openness vibe that the all white home boasted. So while I imagine it's a total pain to maintain a home with tons of white but something about its calming color and simplicity really draws me in. Take a look below at what I am talking about.

Untitled #578

 studded maltese box // embroidered pillow // flying piggy bank // feather headdress // maya inlay mirror // caesar bust // faceted vases // glass done & marble tray // round pedestal trays 

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