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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sip & Snack - Pom Fiesta

One of my favorite cuisines hands down has got to be Mexican food. I think I could live on tacos, guacamole and margaritas and be completely content. However having my tried and true favorites can sometimes stop me from trying new recipes in fear they wont live up to my beloved classics. Luckily for me my friend helped with today's post and inspired me when she made me her pomegranate guacamole. The combination of the sweet and tart pom seeds along with the creamy avocado was too good to not share. It also inspired a bunch of other recipes using the pomegranate to create yourself a colorful, healthy and delicious fiesta.

I used this recipe for the chicken but decided when it was done roastin to shred it and put in a soft taco. I lightly drizzled the pomegranate sauce on it so it didn't overwhelm the flavor of the meat or turn it pink {ick}. It was a wonderful combination of texture and flavors as the cinnamon sugar gave it some warmth but the garlic and wine gave it a savory bite. I then topped the taco with the most delicious pomegranate basil and queso fresco salsa recipe that I found here. My only substitution was sunflower seeds instead of pepitas, because I simply couldn't find them  in the market. The salsa was seriously my kryptonite, it was SO good, a must make if you like the salty and sweet combination. 

Margaritas are my favorite drink of all time. When I am feeling lazy I will buy the pre-made mix, usually a skinny girl bottle and then doctor it up with my favorite flavors. This time around I added a tablespoon of pom juice, fresh arils and a slice of lime. It's easy and delicious, double win. 

Finally my friend whose guacamole recipe inspired today's theme spilled the deets on her avocado goodness. We pretty much cleared the plates after the photo below was taken. 


one small shallot 
one large ripe avocado
juice of one lime
1/2 cup pomegranate arils
salt & pepper to taste


dice avocado & shallot and place in a bowl for gently mixing {this is a chunky guacamole}, add in lime, chopped cilantro till evenly blended. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and season to taste with s&p.


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