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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Today I am taking a break from my usual "sip & snack" series as I am putting together a very fun one for next week! In it's place check out the not so serious q&a below.

There's a fun little chain mail circling the blogosphere and I have to admit that I love reading them. It's always fun when you get a little peak into your favorite bloggers personal preferences even if it's over the littlest of details.  One of my favorite blogs With a C.H. tagged me in her post of hilarious answers and I thought I would play nice and jump aboard the bandwagon.  Here it goes...

1. Favorite flower?
Let's face it, peonies are amazing {Christin, you will admit this one day}. I love them, but they have a short season and are always expensive. Hydrangea, specifically white ones are my year round favorite. I love a big bloom flower because you only need three stems to fill a vase and have it looking very bountiful. Anemone's are a close tie but they are so hard to pronounce that I never want to ask for them as no one understands what the hell I am saying. 
2. Most and least organized space in your home?
Lately my closet is the most organized space in our house. After two collapses of the bar holding up our clothes it was time to take action and do some serious weeding of crap I don't wear anymore. I also share it with my husband who is meticulously neat so it helps our marriage if I keep our shit tight. 
The least organized is my unmentionables drawer. I can barely close it and it's overstuffed with tons that should be tossed. It's the one drawer I ignore and have zero desire to edit. One day I will be that gal who lines up her bra's and neatly folds her undergarments, till then I pretty much have to empty the drawer out onto the floor every time I am looking for something then stuff it all back in once I find what I need. It drives my husband insane. 
3. What book have you read recently that really moved you?
I am the worst member of my local book club. I start the books & rarely finish. I am pretty sure they are having a judicial board meeting on how to kick me out. With that said. I like comedic reads so I am rarely "moved" but I am always laughing. Simon Doonan's The Asylum is my latest download. 
4. What dish are you most looking forward to at Thanksgiving dinner?
I'm with Christin. I go absolutely bonkers over stuffing. Every year we have two versions and I always take a little of each so that one doesn't feel left out. Then around 11PM when we are doing our cyber black friday shopping in our pajamas I go in for another helping and douse that carb goodness with gravy and indulge in the gluttony of the holidays. 
5. How do you take your coffee?
Coffee alone makes me gag, but put some booze in it then I'm game. So I would say with Bailey's, Kahlua {my family actually named our childhood dog this}, Frangelico, Godiva Liqueur or any other cordial that kills the taste of bitter coffee, you can count me in. Otherwise you will find me drinking tea, every day all day. French Vanilla tea to be exact. 
6. Thing you miss most about high school?
High School wasn't my favorite so I don't miss a whole lot about it but that isn't the name of the game. I would say what I miss most was being around my friends everyday. As you get older you get so busy and see your friends less and less. 
7. Most memorable concert?
Growing up on Long Island seeing anything in the Jones Beach Amphitheater was the {} was even in our language. I think my favorite concert there was The Cranberries. The late 90's were a serious grunge era and I was totally on board with the music and the wardrobe. 
8. Dots or stripes?
Stripes always & forever. 
9. How do you unwind before bed?
Reading usually works unless it's a real page turner that I can't put down. When I am really having trouble, I will ask my husband to read me something from his physic books and within in seconds I am always sound asleep like a little baby. 
I now get to play a fun little game of tag and select some wonderful gals from my favorite blogs Amelia, Kate, Alison and Anna to share their tid bits about them with the same questions! 


  1. LOL ~ your answer to #9 is so perfect ;-)

  2. Reading helps me slow down and get into bedtime mode too. I always love learning more about my favorite bloggers xo


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