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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY - Thinking Outside the Box Clutch

Finding inspiration for blog posts that are worth sharing with you all isn't always easy. Sure you can find something fabulous and expensive and recreate a lower cost version for yourself but I thought I would try to think outside the usual parameters and take my inspiration and create something that resembles the original but serves an entirely different function. When I spotted this clutch on instagram during fashion week, I was seriously smitten. I have always admired the design of a box clutch but especially adored the added sparkle of the rhinestones. While a pricey clutch wasn't in my budget, I thought I would try to recreate the look on something I use every day, my phone. 
Check out all the bedazzled details below. 

glue // rhinestones {mine were from M&J Trimming but were sew on, non sew on are better} // iPhone cover I used {another version, also here

1. lay out the rhinestones in desired pattern & photograph that pattern
2. with the photo as your guide, start gluing your first rhinestone in the center then retracing your pattern stone by stone
3. let dry & adhere to your cell phone

The Finished Product

The Stella & Dot Gift Card winner will be announced later today!

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