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Thursday, October 10, 2013

sip & snack - apple-mania

Every year I buy a giant bag of apples from a farm stand and every year I am left with a mountain of apples that I have no idea what to do with. I am usually determined to eat one a day to ya know - keep the DR. away {total hypochondriac but that is for another post another day} but I then get bored of eating apples and will likely opt for a different treat in the fridge. It seems obvious to use the remainders to make apple sauce or an all american apple pie but I wanted something easier and that took little effort {I'm pretty lazy}. I stumbled across this recipe for cider and knew I was going to make it as I had all the ingredients in the house and most importantly I knew I could spike it with some nice spiced rum. But what was I to do for the snack aspect? Enter Apple Chips, coated in cinnamon sugar for the win. Besides the time that it took to make both recipes {most sitting around having your house smell like heaven oh and a serious burn on my hand because I am a huge klutz} I was drawn to the complimentary tastes and that they only required a handful of ingredients. Enjoy!

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