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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Take Me Away - Montauk Point

Over the holiday weekend my husband and I took a drive to Montauk where we had part of our first date five years ago. We had visited once since then but usually avoid traffic and never leave our little island when we are home. However the gloomy weather left us with little to do so off we went. I was so pleasantly surprised to stroll through a town that was typically known for it's "surfer" vibe, uber casual accommodations and dining was moving on up in the social rankings amongst its high brow neighboring hampton villages. One thing that stood out the most to me was a renovation on a hotel that used to be where all our high school prom after parties took place. Basically a run down disaster that would allow a bunch of kids to destroy the property for a solid 48 hours of complete debauchery. Well no longer, the old Ronjo Hotel is now this super chic resort called The Montauk Beach House oozing with lots of style. I mean just check out some of the before photos & then take a looksies at the amazing renovations made below.  How is this the same lay out and building??? 

So while this summer season may have come to an end, this is good one too bookmark come next year!

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