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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dolled Up Dinnerware

When it came to selecting formal china during our engagement, I went very for a very conservative and simple white Kate Spade setting that would withstand many years of changing styles. I however cannot help feel that it was also a bit of safe decision as there are so many amazing sets out there that can spice up entertaining in the home. While on Shelter Island last weekend I stopped in a family friends new home store called Marie Eiffel and fell in love with the selection of dinnerware from English designer Melody Rose. The exposed behinds initially cracked me up and had me dreaming of serving a meal on these plates for my guests to get "mooned" as they cleaned their plate {obviously meant for the folks who aren't easily offended}. The pattern may not be appropriate for all entertaining settings but it sure would be fun for the less serious crowds. I love the idea of fun take on table top decor that also oozes oodles of style. Check out all the fabulous styles from this designer below!

Melody Rose ceramics can be purchased here & here or by calling Marie Eiffel


  1. I love those! The bare bottoms are hilarious!

  2. Now I need some naughty dessert plates! Great post ;)


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