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Monday, June 17, 2013

What's in my bag - carry on edition

It's safe to say that I am the worlds worst packer. I always want to bring everything I own so I have options for numerous outfits throughout my trip. Luckily for me my mother in law is the same way when it comes to travel and paved the way for me and my husband just thinks this is just how all woman are and instead of fighting me on it he just let's me be my ridiculous self. I knew he was a keeper when on the honeymoon my suitcase was triple the size of his and cost us a small fortune on the overweight scale upon checking in at the airport {he did however immediately throw away that suit case upon our return home so I never have the option to pack that much again}. Since we flew to Nantucket for our vacation I thought I would challenge myself to being an organized packer and bringing only what I least that is for the carry all. Ill save the luggage for another post. 

1. A large tote to hold everything. I was gifted the neverfull on my birthday last year and it's my constant go to bag for any travel.

2. I never ever check any of my jewelry. I insist on carrying it on me at all times and love having it all organized in a travel jewelry box. Mine was gifted to me on our wedding day {video coming to the blog tomorrow} but I love this one which has all the organizational compartments and a friendly price.

3. I always pack a back up outfit, shoes, clutch & swimsuit in case my luggage gets lost {unfortunately has happened to me half a dozen times}. This way I am all set for a day or two when its hopefully returned to me.

4. I often travel with my lap top so I like to make sure its in an appropriate case to protect it from everything else, then of course the charger, mouse & oh so very important headphones for in flight entertainment. My phone charger {not shown} is also always packed.

5. A large scarf is a must have for me. My husband loves the temperature at our seats to be arctic cold so I usually use this as a wrap or blanket to keep me comfy. On longer trips a neck pillow is a must. 

6. I am blind as a bat without contacts so my eyeglasses and sunglasses are a necessity.

7. I have been busting my butt at the gym lately so I always try to have a healthy snack like a granola bar on me so I dont indulge on some ridiculous calorie splurge that I didn't even want. I always like to save my extra calories for good vino. 

8. A cosmetic bag to hold travel sized beauty favorites again in case anything is lost. Inside you would find my favorite gloss, concealer, bronzer and mascara. Oh and a tide pen because my one of us always gets something on ourselves. 

9. Finally when traveling to warmer weather I always pack a hat. Thanks to endless tanning in my younger years and the horrific dark spots that are now appearing on my skin so I insist on covering my face when in the sun. I need not to look like Magda when I am older. 

all ready to go!

What are your essentials for your carry on luggage, am I forgetting anything???


  1. I always bring my Bkr water bottle! Filled if I'm travelling on the road, empty if I'm flying. I find a fountain and fill it before I get on my flight. I refuse to pay for water bottles at the airport!


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