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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY - striped jewelry tray

It's safe to say I have a bit of a necklace obsession, specifically those from J.Crew. My collection has been overflowing my West Elm jewelry boxes leaving me little room to add more {queue my husbands fist pump for our bank account}. So instead of curbing my ridiculous addiction I decided to create a pretty and simple way to have these beauties on display without having to always store them away. If you ask me they are too pretty to hide away when they are not being worn. 
 Check out the details of how to create your own jewelry tray. 

I picked up a basic wood tray and some paint pens at Michaels

I spray painted the wood tray white

taped out my desired stripes

filled in the stripes in my color of choice

let dry & peel off painters tape and add another set of stripes in a coordinating color

finally add in your favorite baubles for display!


  1. So cute and super easy! Even I could do this (and I am not crafty at all). Love the colors you chose!

  2. Beautiful! I definitely want to make this with pink and gold to match my room! Love it!!!

  3. This post is worthy of appreciation, looking forward to more exciting! swarovski necklaces


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