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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - Rose Gold Cocktail

This week's cocktail was inspired by one of my favorite wedding blogs 100 Layer Cake and their gorgeous inspiration shoot for a rose and gold wedding. All the soft colors and sparkly details had me weak in the knees and I instantly knew I wanted to recreate the cocktail they photographed for you all. While they didn't list what was in the  one they used on the site, I imagine it was a Rose Champagne with a sugar rim. I luckily  stumbled upon some glitter sugar last weekend in a cooking store and picked it up for future entertaining. I didn't have any rose in the house but I did have some Italian pink grapefruit soda and always in stock on our bar cart is our favorite prosecco. I mixed a little of these two together and was loving the sweetness of the sugar rim along with the tart grapefruit and hearty prosecco. It was a trifecta of flavor goodness. Cheers!


3 oz Prosecco {per glass}
1 oz Italian Pink Grapefruit Soda {per glass}
Gold Glitter Sprinkles


pour a little italian soda in a shallow bowl as adhesive for sugar rim
pour sprinkles in a shallow bowl for rimming your glass
dip your champagne glass into the soda then the sugar and twist the mouth of the glass in sugar to cover the entire rim in the gold sprinkles

carefully fill rimmed glass with champagne, let the fizz settle then pour in pink grapefruit juice

I served with some creme brulee almonds and on my new pretty rifle paper company coasters.



  1. Oooh this drink would be perfect for a bridal shower or a girly brunch :) I love the gold detailing!

  2. that champagne just made my day. can't wait to try this out!

    1. works great with fresh grapefruit juice too - just have to like the flavor of grapefruit. The soda definitely gives it the great rose color :)


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